Mike YorK

After having released music with KALT for about 16 years, I decided to let the old "band name" die. Because it was always just a project, not a "band".

So why a "band name"? Because in a very early phase of KALT I had brought two more members on board. Thym York and Jon (both Garden of Delight). After we had already almost reached a live set, Jon got out again, as KALT was already his 4th band at that time. As the rehearsals were quite complex anyway (Jon and I both still played at GoD) I concentrated on songwriting again and concerts fell into the background.
 In a nutshell: KALT was almost always a "project". A "One-Man-Show"! And I had the feeling that I should name it that way. And it feels better now.


This is my music. This is Mike York. That's me!


We live in difficult times. We are facing a global climate catastrophe and man-made zoonoses, which will probably kill humanity.

Mankind is the only species that saws its own branch and is ready to run blindly into its doom. Mankind is brutally exploiting the earth. Everything is subordinated to capitalism. Even humans themselves. Historically, humans have never been capable of holistic empathy. But our behavior is now becoming the ultimate and real threat to our own existence and we will unfortunately drag many innocent species with us into the abyss on our way. This fact cuts my heart into pieces.

After I last looked back into my punk and postpunk past together with Rëverend Gonz (12“/Tape Split release), it quickly became clear that the following songs would have a much more contemporary sound. Soundtracks from series and films such as Blade Runner, Jordskott, 8 Days, Stranger Things and above all Tales from the Loop have crept into my compositional work, which led me to want to revive an old tradition from the KALT times: On I had instrumental songs for many of these releases, which were always based on soundtracks. But this time I have dedicated a separate part of the CD version to these “scores for a film in my head”. These three Chapters complement MANKIND perfectly and reflect my quarrel with humanity.


On some of the songs I had the pleasure of counting on friends' support again. Besides Rëverend Gonz (Love Like Blood), who was ready to work with me again, I am very happy that Aeleth Kaven from La Scaltra was on board this time.


The first songs released under my "alter ego" Mike York are one side of a split E.P. with RËVEREND GONZ. More here.

The very slow and dark songs are available as marbled vinyl (lim. 100 pcs.) in transparent, light grey, dark transparent grey and transparent blue, as well as on cassette tapes (lim. 50 pcs.).

The track listing of the Mike York side is:


• 'Claustrophobiac'

• 'Your Heroes'

• 'Where Were You'

• 'Don’t Waste My Time'


Photography: Danny Elevator!