If you have made it to this page, a warm welcome to you on your journey which will lead you through my many and varied musical projects.  Stretching back to ... (to be honest, I can't remember) here you will find information about the bands I have been in, the people I have worked with and links to the music, merchandise and videos which I have created over the years.

Latest release

We live in difficult times. We are facing a global climate catastrophe and man-made zoonoses, which will probably kill humanity.


My feelings and thoughts on this difficult topic have been expressed in the current publication MANKIND. You can find out more about this here

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Combining friendship into a musical partnership I have teamed up with The RËVEREND GONZ to give tracks from our youth a personal upgrade drawing on long time favourites Play Dead, Cassandra Complex, Husker Du and Broken Bones.

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Alongside my band ventures in 2003 I established a solo project to reflect on life and love, disappointment and distress and release and redemption; With four releases, including three albums (Dein Gott, 2009; Der Sturm, 2012; The Invisible, 2014) and an EP (Blood EP, 2011) KALT represents a deconstructed version of my musical persona.

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What happened beside my projects?
Click here to read more about my collaborations with Garden of Delight, Sweet Ermengarde and some more.

Here you can find different products from my projects.

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