Alongside my band ventures in 2003 I established a solo project to reflect on life and love, disappointment and distress and release and redemption; With four releases, including four albums


Wie Ein Einziger Tag



Dein Gott



Der Sturm



The Invisible



Wie Ein Einziger Tag - 20th Anniversary





KALT represented a deconstructed version of my musical persona.

Established in 2003 as an outlet of personal expression without any influence from others, KALT has been a long-standing project which has interwoven its existence with my collaborative output.  As songwriter, instrumentalist and vocalist on all tracks I have had the freedom of thought to set out my own interpretations in musical form over the years, starting with Dein Gott  (quite literally, Your God) in 2009 which was re-released in 2011 with the Blood EP as a limited edition.  With tracks such a 'Lebe', 'The Darkness', 'Wie die Welt zusammenbricht' and 'Fahr Zur Hölle, Gott', Dein Gott is an introspective looking punch in the face for the religious fanatics and charlatans who claim a higher level of existence and moral superiority at the expense of the dispossessed, the poor and the forgotten.

"The Blood EP", released in a limited edition of 100 with the re-released Dein Gott, is a four track, 24 minute EP drawing on musical influences and has variously been described as powerful, melodic and melancholy.

Der Sturm was a turning point, deviating from the normal approach of writing and singing in English and reverting to my mother tongue of German.  As the name implies, the album captures a sense of disruption, uprooting of the old order and a general sense of chaos, with crunching guitars and bleakness being the dominant themes.


But first, let's start with "The Invisible":

The Invisible


Bringing the collection up to date is the fourth release The Invisible.  With each song starting with the definite pronoun 'The...', each one stamps its mark on the album.  As one reviewer put it with reference to the final track "The Life":


"... David Gilmour himself would be proud of this breathtaking piece which perfectly rounds off an album made of true Gothic Rock and filled with heart-felt emotion too. Musicians craft their best by going on an inner pilgrimage and "The Invisible" is unarguable proof of it."
Billy Phobia

KALT is currently on an indefinite break while I explore other musical avenues and life but the music is there to be enjoyed while other projects bubble away....


2x12“ + CD, heavy 180gr white vinyl
Special vinyl mastering (lim. 200)

CD in jewelcase (lim. 200)

and as Download

Der Sturm


The album "Der Sturm" was released in 2012. All songs on this album are written in German. It is supported by the fantastic voices of Rachel (Die Laughing, UK) and Sassy (Reactive Black, Ger). This resonant production brings together earthy sound mixed with powerful but melodic rocking guitars.

The spectrum of KALT range from spheric gloomy rock with strong rock influence to soundtrack like songs





Dein Gott


Released as a single CD version and a special 2CD edition (incl. "The Blood E.P.") of the Gothic-Rock album "Dein Gott" in limited DVD-Boxes with 16 page booklet, sticker and autographed postcard.

Wie Ein Einziger Tag

Around 2008

Wie ein Einziger Tag - First Release (2003)
+ 20th Anniversary (2023)


Limited edition of 100, but in the end only about 40pcs actually were made!

And 20pcs for the 20th Anniversary edition...